Dharchula : The route of the Kailash-Mansarovar pilgrim's journey tour

 Dharchula could be a city and a nagar panchayet in Pithoragarh district within the northern state of Uttarakhand, India. associate degree ancient commercialism city for the trans-Himalayan trade routes, it's enclosed by terribly high mountains and is located in a very natural depression, on the banks of the Kali stream at 915 m (3,002 ft) elevation. The Kali is that the western boundary of Asian nation with Asian country. Nepalese and Indian nationals cross unrestricted, but there's a customs stop for merchandise. Dharchula lies regarding eighty three metric linear unit (52 mt) northerly of Pithoragarh on the route of the Kailash-Mansarovar pilgrim's journey tour. The name of the city could originate from the Hindi words for "mountain peak" (dhar) and "stove" (chula) as a result of the natural depression during which it lies resembles a stove.

Language And Culture:
The Rungs communicate among themselves within the native language RungLo.

Flora And Fauna:
 Trees of Oak, Pine, Apple and deodar cedar is simply seen here. excluding that, many trees of dry fruits can even be noticed.Wild animals like leopard, bear, fox, monkeys and deers ar found during this region. excluding these, cattle like horses, mules and sheep are found here.

Important Places, Landmarks And Events:
Following places, geographic entities and events ar price a short mention:

Narayan Ashram: Narayan Ashram is located at associate degree elevation of 2734 m. on top of water level.. throughout winter season the ashram remains closed because of significant snow. And time of year could cause harm to the road. Ashram keeps on conducting numerous social - non secular activities for the members therefore the guests ar strictly suggested to convey regarding their attempt to the ashram well beforehand.

Kailash Mansarovar: Manasarovar Lake lies at four,590 m on top of mean water level. The lake freezes in winter and melts solely within the spring. The Sutlej stream, the (Brahmaputra River), the river, and therefore the Karnali stream all trace their sources to its shut section. Like Mount Kailash, Lake Mansarovar could be a place of pilgrim's journey, attracting spiritual individuals from Asian country, Thibet and therefore the neighboring countries. Bathing within the Manasa Sarovar and drinking its water is believed to cleanse all sins. pilgrim's journey tours ar organized often, particularly from Asian country, the foremost notable of that is that the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra that takes place once a year. Pilgrims come back to require ceremonial bathes within the cleansing waters of the lake.

Kali stream: The Kali River originates from the larger chain at Kalapaani at associate degree altitude of three,600 m, within the Pithoragarh District of Uttarakhand, India.

Chirkila Dam: The dam features a capability of manufacturing 1500 power unit of energy. The dam is adjoined by an attractive lake stretching up to one metric linear unit long. If news ar to be believed, water sports could presently be started within the space by the Uttrakhand Government.


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